Customer Review
I've been using the whole range of VIVE products for a few months now after being recommended by my sister. My skin is absolutely radiating and my pigments have faded. This is truly a miracle product. I cannot emphasize enough the improvement in my complexion, not to mention those fine lines around my eye area. Georgina Stone, Michigan
I've been recommended the VIVE Revitalizing Serum by my beautician and after three weeks of usage my fine lines are lighter and my complexion is brighter. Friends and colleagues have been begging me to find out the product that I'm using. I might choose to tell them or maybe I'll keep it to myself. Love VIVE!Stephanie Carter, Washington D.C.
VIVE 是美好的. 我一直在使用三个月,现在我的皮肤是光滑和公平。我把它推荐给我的妹妹和朋友,他们喜欢它。我希望VIVE身体霜,因为现在我的面部肤色是完美的,但我的胳膊的皮肤感觉干燥。Miko Zhang, Beijing
VIVE is different from all the other brands I’ve used. The cleanser, serum and lotions all goes very well with my sensitive skin and the most amazing thing is the fast and vast improvement to my skin condition. I used to have deep wrinkles and fine lines but after three weeks everyone was complimenting me on my looks and those fine lines are fast disappearing. I just can’t get enough of it. I’m going to spoil myself by trying the mask next. Kelly Bell, New York
I've been using VIVE's Advanced Eye Repair since my close friend who happens to be a dermatologist recommended it. Now the fine lines and dark circle is slowly vanishing. Nothing I’ve tried before works this well. I've just bought the Revitalizing Serum and can't wait to see the effect of that on the rest of my face. Mischa Finkle, Los Angeles
私は過去3ヶ月間Viveの製品を使用してきました。私の肌は滑らかな感じと私の肌のトーンは今でもと甘美です。私は非常に私の個人的なブログのすべての読者にViveのことをお勧めします。限りスキンケア製品は行くように、これは間違いなく私のお気に入りの一つです。きれいで、私の皮膚の上に鮮明な。Kyoko Inori, Osaka
ARE KAIYO-KISEKI PRODUCTS TESTED ON ANIMALS? Kaiyo-Kiseki is committed to the elimination of animal testing. We do not conduct animal testing on our products or ingredients, nor ask others to test on our behalf, except when required by law. We evaluate our finished products in clinical tests on volunteer panels. Kaiyo-Kiseki works extensively with the industry at large and the global scientific community to research and fund alternatives to animal testing.

HOW DOES KAIYO-KISEKI CONDUCT PRODUCT SAFETY TESTING? For Kaiyo-Kiseki, the safety of our products has always been our top priority. Our products are invariably tested before launching. For the product safety test, our R&D experts in toxicology, microbiology, environmental chemistry and manufacturing at GLRC’s Product Safety Division ensures that our formulations and packaging exceed the high standards for ingredient preservation and stability, product efficacy, and package compatibility. All our products are tested for irritants and allergens using biological assays and human volunteers. We do not test our products on animals, nor do we ask others to conduct animal testing on our behalf. We are proud of our continued commitment to producing quality products that are clean, pure, and safe for consumers and the environment.

WHY DO I NEED TO USE THE VIVE REVITALIZING SERUM? The best way to get better results from your skincare products is to use the serum underneath your moisturizer or mask. VIVE Revitalizing Serum is rich with BLC-5U concentration. Its nano-active ingredients penetrate deep into the layers of the skin where a regular moisturizer could not reach. It is a booster for your skin and should be used whenever you feel like your skin is in a rut and you are not getting the results with your basic products.

WHAT IS THE APPEAL OF THE VIVE SERIES? The VIVE series by Kaiyo-Kiseki is the latest advancement in anti-aging skincare technology. Using nanotechnology to create more absorbable liquid-form skincare, it eases penetration deep into the dermis layer of the skin where actual change in skin condition takes place as opposed to the norm that resides just beneath the epidermis layer creating a temporary but fleeting change to the actual skin condition. VIVE changes your skin from the inside out for visible and long lasting ageless skin.