Kaiyo-Kiseki DermaLab is a subdivision of GLRC involved in developing skincare products. The Kaiyo-Kiseki DermaLab is run by a team of dermatologist and biotechnologist led by Prof. Takyuki Eita. Prof. Takyuki Eita, a renowned dermatologist, and his team of experts spent years studying the cause and effect of various ingredients on our skin.

Our experts spent more than a dozen years studying the different layers of the skin and its interaction and bioavailability with active properties from various floras and faunas. Our tool of trade is innovation. To keep abreast with the latest development in skincare technology and bioscience, we rely on our network of partners around the globe including universities and private research facilities. This network of dermatological and bioscience experts forms a platform for shared information and technology to cement Kaiyo-Kiseki’s role as the avant-garde in skincare science.

Kaiyo-Kiseki follows three unwavering principle of development:
  1. Finest ingredients; researched and tested for the best result on your skin.
  2. Most advanced science and technology; constantly updated.
  3. Dedicated research work and support from dermatologists, biotechnologists and botanists.