Marine Miracle: BLC-5U™
BLC-5U™ is the solution to aging skin, formulated after 12 years of study into the factors that cause skin aging and elements to reverse symptoms and signs of aging. It is the sum effort of a group of 18 dermatologists and marine biotechnologist who traversed the world and the depths of its oceans to come up with the ground-breaking formula. The BLC-5U™ is naturally formulated from using exclusively marine ingredients with miraculous anti-aging properties. It consists of three main marine ingredients: Alaskan Deep Sea Cod, Jellyfish Mucin with Hyaluronic Acid and the microalgae, Haematococcus pluvialis.

BLC-5U™ is formulated with the latest marine biotechnology and nanotechnology that enables this concoction to penetrate deep into the layers of the skin to activate cellular regeneration and cell repair for stronger skin foundation. Its Marine Cellular Regeneration™ Technology boosts the formation of new cells to replace worn and dead cells. These active young cells are capable of retaining up to 9 times more moisture than worn out cells, effectively firming the skin. It also eliminates fine-lines and wrinkles by filling the indents of the skin with rapidly proliferating cells that locks-in high volume of moisture. BLC-5U™ also replenishes the skin with micronutrients that keeps the cells plump and flushed with moisture to give your skin the extra bounce. BLC-5U™ also generates a layer of protection over the surface of the skin from harmful UV rays and external pollutants.

BLC-5U™ is a multi-faceted anti-aging care formula that works well with all skin types. It offers an all-round skin rejuvenation utilizing natural ingredients and marine biotechnology to recapture our youthful essence which lay hidden deep within ourselves.
The BLC-5U™ has deep penetration capability,
10X faster absorption rate and longer lasting results
to reverse the signs of aging.