Birth of VIVE
The Birth of VIVE: Ocean Of Youth
The ocean is the source of life on earth. Within it, the sea contains almost all elements on earth. Humans have traversed and trawled the ocean since beginning of time in search of sustenance. More than just sustenance, it is believed that the answer to longevity can be found deep within the trenches of the ocean, which is the largest ecosystem on earth, where 80% of life can be found- 3000 meters below- and we have barely scratched the surface.

For over a decade, the Kaiyo-Kiseki DermaLab’s team of dermatologists and marine biologists led by Prof. Takyuki Eita has been trying to uncover the solution to aging skin which has led them to the depths of the ocean. The answer to ageless skin lies far beneath the surface of the ocean, deep within its trenches. Prof. Takyuki Eita and his team spent 12 arduous years researching different marine species to uncover the answer to eternal youth. More than a thousand types of species have been studied and the answer can now be summed up in three different marine species that has been proven to reverse signs of aging when brought together.

By combining these three ingredients with the latest Marine Biotechnology and Nanotechnology, the researchers at Kaiyo-Kiseki DermaLab have developed the groundbreaking anti-aging formula, BLC-5U™. The BLC-5U™ has deep penetration capability, 10X faster absorption rate and longer lasting results.
“From the ocean springs the Fountain of Youth.
And we’ve just discovered it.”
Prof. Takyuki Eita